MAGELLAN - Sci-Fi Feature - A Near-Future Space Thriller

Created by Arrowstorm Entertainment

MAGELLAN - Sci-Fi Feature - A Near-Future Space Thriller
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Estimated Shipping Date: March 2017
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Learn About Our Project:

MAGELLAN is the first cerebral science fiction film from Arrowstorm Entertainment, a world leader in fantasy entertainment. Sure, we've made some sci-fi action movies (Survivor, Osombie and Zombie Hunter), but now we're talking NASA, artificial intelligence, quantum entanglement, Fermi's paradox, mysterious signals from space and an awesome onboard computer voiced by Matthew Mercer!

As with all our past Kickstarter efforts, this film has already been shot and edited, and we are well into post-production. The trailer is actual footage from the film, so you can get a good gauge of the quality, and how close we are to fulfilling our vision.


After NASA picks up a trio of mysterious signals from within our own solar system, astronaut Roger Nelson is dispatched on a multi-year solo mission aboard the Magellan spacecraft to investigate the sources. What he discovers will change our understanding of science and our place in the universe, but the journey will have lasting consequences on Nelson and the wife he left behind.


We’ve never attempted anything like this before. Inspired by the works of people like Carl Sagan and Arthur C. Clark, we wanted to create a "hard" science fiction film about space exploration, based on real science and theoretical situations. Every aspect of the story had to be carefully researched. We even brought in a former member of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to advise us on astronautics and planetary science. The result is a mind-blowing space thriller about possible first contact, and we’re really excited to share it!

We've also partnered with some awesome people to bring the story to life, including VFX guru Cecil B. (Guardians of the Galaxy) and film composer Nathaniel Drew (who studied at one point under the tutelage of a certain Hans Zimmer).  We are also featuring music by VanLadyLove!    


Brandon Ray Olive plays Commander Roger Nelson, a by-the-book astronaut whose wanderlust drives him to the stars. Brandon’s talent as a performer has landed him multiple roles in both film and television including NCIS, CSI:NY and Tyler Perry’s Single Mom’s Club. Recently he’s been cast in two projects from director Steven Soderbergh: Logan Lucky and HBO’s Mosaic

Matthew Mercer voices Ferdinand, the deep-spacecraft Magellan’s primary A.I. unit. Matthew is a talented actor and voice artist, best known for his voice work in countless franchises including Attack on Titan, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy...basically, if you’ve played a video game, you’ve heard Matthew’s voice. He’s also Dungeon Master supreme over at Critical Role, and of course played the evil necromancer Szorlok in our own Mythica series. 

Danor Gerald plays NASA project director Gerald Becker, and brings to the role a perfect blend of intellectual authority and tweed-jacket wearing geekiness. Danor has appeared in multiple roles including ABC’s Blood and Oil, Forever Strong and was the leading man in Saints and Soldiers: The Void.

Nicola Posener brings to life the voice of Neil, the deep-spacecraft MAGELLAN's cheeky, secondary A.I. unit. Arrowstorm fans will know her from her starring role in the Dawn of the Dragon Slayer and the Mythica franchise, but this may be the first time you hear her full American accent! She’s starred in several British films, and you can see her in the upcoming TV series Age of the Living Dead.

Whitney Palmer plays Abigail Nelson, NASA A.I. specialist and spouse to Commander Nelson. This marks Whitney’s first major role in a feature film, and she drives home an emotional performance as the “astronaut wife” left behind for a decade. 

Filmmaking is expensive business, and there’s no way we’d be able to make awesome indie fantasy and sci-fi films without the support of our community of fans and backers. Kickstarter is an invaluable resource which not only allows us to fund our films, but also lets us do it while connecting directly with fantasy and sci-fi fans like you! 

We’ve been able to make some really fun films, all because of your contributions. We want to really take it to the next level now, and are confident we can blow you away if you give us a chance. 

With Kickstarter it’s all or nothing. Backers pledge an amount and choose a reward. At the end of our 30-day Kickstarter campaign, if the total of all pledges for our project meets or exceeds our goal, then the credit cards of those who pledge are charged and we receive the funding. If not, we receive nothing, nobody gets charged, but everybody is sad :( 

We're not looking for charity, we're looking for an early sales venue - that's why our rewards reflect fair market value. Don't think of it as a donation, think of it as a pre-purchase. If you want to see this film, buy it now through Kickstarter - you'll probably get a better deal from us than from whatever retailer ends up selling it in your country. PLUS, our films release at all different times around the world. Our Kickstarter backers usually get to see the finished product months ahead of the general public. 



We're a small group of independent filmmakers who love making movies, and have been at it for about a decade. It's our full-time job, and every film we have made has received worldwide distribution. We do pretty much everything ourselves, from conception to financing to production to securing distribution. We love fantasy and science fiction and know there’s others out there like us, who we aim to please. 

We've done several films on Kickstarter in the past - including The Crown and the DragonOsombie, The Shadow Cabal, Orc Wars, Survivor, The Christmas Dragon and Mythica 1 - 5, and most of our supporters keep coming back, which means we're doing something right :) 

Click on a name to see our IMDB profiles: 

Rob York - Director/Co-Writer 

Jason Faller - Executive Producer

Kynan Griffin - Executive Producer 

You can learn more about our film-making philosophy and our projects at our website:

  • $40,000 - ACHIEVED! Production Diary for all backers with photos/stories from cast and crew. Plus unlock Theatrical Premiere for backers. 
  • $30,000 - ACHIEVED! DVD/Bluray/Digital Special Featurette about the dangers and possibilities of real space travel. Where will we go and will we survive?